Public Announcement

The management of NRDCL is pleased to update the general public on sand supply from Sha Region as follows:

  1. The sand supply from river bed quarry was stopped for this season with the rise in water level from 5th April, 2016.
  2. The sand supply from the depot at Tshokona was started on 6th April, 2016 and now with depletion of stock at Tshokona, the sand is supplied from Thangu depot.
  3. The three sand dredging machines deployed at Rinchengang will be put to optimal use for meeting the requirement of sand throughout the year.

The management requests our valued customers to lift the sand immediately after the approval is obtained in order to avoid overcrowding at site on any particular day. We solicit for kind cooperation of our valued customers.

For any inquiry, please call our toll free number 1091/PABX No. 02- 323834 (extensions-139/111) or 02-481272 at Sha Regional Office.