Availability of sand and boulders

The management of NRDCL is pleased to inform all valued customers that NRDCL has started sand collection site at the tri-junction of Gyelposhing - Nganglam-Pemagatshel highways. The sand from this site is of good quality and the approved rate is Nu. 180.49/M³. Depending on the demand, the supply during the off season can also be arranged through stocking from some convenient location. River boulders, if required, can also be made available. We request all interested builders to kindly take note of this and avail our services.

For further inquiry, please call our toll free number 1091, Region Office, Samdrup Jongkhar at 07- 251268 or email sjongkhar@nrdcl.bt or visit website www.nrdcl.bt