Public Announcement

The NRDCL management is adopting all possible measures to manage and monitor the extraction and supply of sand from Sha Region to all its valued customers

who are in genuine need of sand. In lean summer season (June-September), meeting the demand for sand of various consumers from Sha Region site alone has been a big challenge.

Despite our restrictive measures to assure sand supply to the right individuals, it has been observed that few truckers are taking advantage of the situation and raising the cost of sand abnormally high especially from the truck parking areas in Thimphu.

In order to further facilitate smooth supply of sand and avoid unnecessary hoarding by few such truckers, we request all our valued customers requiring sand in Thimphu and Paro to seek approval from NRDCL head office and for other areas from Sha Regional Office in Wangdue. We request all potential buyers not to send trucks to collection site for sand without sand supply approval.


For any inquiry, please call our toll free number 1091/PABX No. 02-323834 (extensions-137/139/123) or 02-481272 at Sha Regional Office.