Timber Allotment Notice

NRDCL Management is pleased to announce the date and venue for Monthly Timber Allotment to the Wood Based Industries as follows:

Region/Branch Cluster Volume Available (Approx. in Cft) Venue Date Time
Rinpung Paro & Haa BP/MC Logs/Poles - 60,000.00 cft Park Restaurant, Paro 03.10.2019 11.30 AM
Rinpung Sha & Phuentsholing BP/MC Logs/Poles - 17,000 cft Branch Office, Sha 15.10.2019
BP/MC Sawn - 5,000.00cft
MHW Logs/Poles - 742.71cft
Jakar Jakar BP/MC Logs - 50,000 cft Regional Office, Bumthang 07.10.2019
Gelephu Gelephu MHW logs/poles - 10,000.00cft (Gelephu Depot) Branch Office, Gelephu 07.10.209
Zhongar Mongar MHW Logs/Poles - 1,500.00cft Regional Office, Mongar 07.10.2019
MC (Cryptomeria Logs/Poles) - 20,853.67cft
Cluster Thimphu BP/MC Logs/Poles - 15,000.00cft Conference Hall, NRDCL, HO 17.10.2019
MHW/ Cryptomeria Logs/Poles - 10,000.00cft
In addition to the above quantity, there are around 20,000 cft of BP/MC Poles available at Tang Depot and Chutegang Depot under Jakar Region for direct allotment.
For details, contact NRDCL HO, Thimphu at Tel#. 02-323834/323868 or the concerned Regional Managers or visit NRDCL website.
NRDCL Management