Timber Available for Sale

NRDCL Management is pleased to announce the timber available for sale at Government Approved Rate at various depots of NRDCL after allotment to Wood Based Industries as of 31.07.2019. Details of the timber available are as below:

Region Depot/Location Volume Available(Approx. in Cft) Contact details
Rinpung Region Khotokha Depot, Wangdue BP/MC Logs/Poles/Hakaries - 8,461.63cft  
MHW Logs/Hakaries -520.40cft  
Gogona Depot, Wangdue MC Logs/Hakaries - 14,763.94cft +975-17668482 (Manager)
Dagapala Temporary Depot, Dagana MHW (B class) Sawn - 3,475.00cft  
Samthang Depot MHW (B class)/MC sawn -1,855.81cft +975-02-481272 (Office)
Tsirang Depot MHW log - 985.73cft  
Chuzom Depot BP/MC Block - 6395.11cft  
Jakar Region Chutegang Depot MC logs - 12,380.15cft +975-03-631470 (Office)
Tang Depot MC/BP logs/Poles - 12,250.23cft +975-17695310 (Manager)
MC/BP Poles - 15,000.00cft  
Zhongar Region Dongdechu Depot, Tashi yangtse MHW (B class) Logs -7,674.53cft  
MC logs - 34.22cft +975-04-641165 (Office)
MHW sawn - 5,120.25cft  
Yongphula Depot, Trashigang Cryptromeria MC Logs - 11,853.87cft  
BP logs - 519.14cft +975-17918357 (Manager)
Wamrong Depot, Trashigang Crytromeria Mc Logs - 1,604.06cft  
Mechugang Depot, Lingmithang MC sawn -1,500.00cft  
MHW sawn - 3,500.00cft  
Phuentsholing Depot Buduney Depot, Samtse MHW(B class) Sawn - 1267.06cft +975-05-252154 (Office)
Ganglakha Depot, Gedu MC Logs - 2928.28cft +975-17814157 (Manager)
Wang Service Centre Ramtokto Unmarketable Sizes Sawn Timbers - 1,500.00cft (Approx.) +975-02-371247 (Office)
Offcuts - 200m3 +975-17807653/17170323
MHW sawn timber - 3,869.11cft  
For details, interested customers may please contact above given phone numbers or NRDCL HO, Thimphu at Tel # 02-323834 (130) or visit NRDCL website.
NRDCL Management