Timber Allotment/Auction Notice

NRDCL Management is pleased to announce the date and venue for Monthly Timber Allotment to the Wood Based Industries as follows:

Region Cluster Volume Available (Approx. in Cft) Venue Date Time
Jakar Jakar   Regional Office, Bumthang 18.12.2018 11:00 AM
BP/MC Logs - 20,000.00
Rinpung Rinpung MC/BP Logs - 50,000.00 Zamin Restaurant, Paro 28.12.2018
Sha Phuentsholing and Sha MC Logs/Poles - 10,000.00 Regional Office, Sha 21.12.2018
MHW Logs/Poles - 451.57
MC (Cryptomeria) Logs - 7,717.58
Zhongar Zhongar MHW Logs - 5,000.00 Regional Office, Zhongar 28.12.2018
MC (Cryptomeria) Logs - 25,000.00
Thimphu Thimphu MC/BP Logs - 20,000.00(Jakar Region) NRDCL, HO 20.12.2018
Zhonggar Regional Office, Mongar, has approx. 20,000 cft of mixed hardwood sawn timber and any interested customers including wood based industries may contact the Manager Marketing at Tel#. 04 - 641165/ 17113537.
For details, contact NRDCL HO, Thimphu at Tel#. 02-323834/323868 or the concerned Regional Managers.
NRDCL Management