Tender Notice

NRDCL, Rinpung Region, Thimphu is pleased to invite the sealed tender rates from eligible Bhutanese contractor having valid logging/transportation/trade license for carrying out the following logging works during the year 2019:

Package I: Normal Logging /Sanitation works
Name of FMU/Area Felling, Crosscutting & Debarking (Approx. Vol. in cft) Remarks
Haa East FMU 20,000.00 Logs/Poles
Lonchu FMU 110,000.00 Logs/Poles
Changkhaphu/Thimphu   Logs/Poles/sawn
Changgidaphu Top   Blocks/sawn
Package II: Transportation of timber from various FMU/Area to respective timber depots
From (Stump) To (Depot) Distance (Km) Approximate Volume (in cft) Remarks
Selela FMU Tshapey Depot 25 150,000.00 Logs/Poles
Haa East FMU Tshapey Depot 17 20,000.00 Logs/Poles
Bitekha FMU Tshapey Depot 22.7 60,000.00 Logs/Poles
Lonchu FMU Lonchu Depot 6 110,000.00 Logs/Poles
Zonglela FMU (Chelela) Chelela Depot 4 75,000.00 Logs/Poles
Zonglela FMU (Nabesa) Chuzom Depot 24
Gidakom FMU Domtshanay Depot 18 80,000.00 Logs/Poles
Changkhaphu/ Thimphu Ramtokto Depot   20,000.00 Logs/Poles/ Sawn
Changgidaphu Top Ramtokto Depot   5,000.00 Blocks/sawn
Package III: Ad-hoc logging/Sanitation works
Name of FMU/Area Felling, Crosscutting, Sawing and Transportation (Approx. Vol. in cft) Remarks
Changkhaphu/Thimphu   Logs/Poles/sawn
Changgidaphu Top   Blocks/sawn
Package IV: Wood-Chipping and transportation to Phuntsholing
Name of FMU/Area Approximate Volume (in MT) Remarks
Selela FMU 200  
Haa East/Bitekha FMU 250  
Lonchu FMU 30  
Zonglela FMU 100  
Package V: Firewood extraction and supply works
Different types of firewood to general public Timber residues to BBPL Remarks
From (FMU/Area) To (Dzongkhags) From (FMU/Area) To
Selela FMU Haa/Paro/Thimphu Selela FMU Gedu (BBPL) Both Ordinary and bukari size firewood for general public
Haa East FMU Haa East FMU
Bitekha FMU Bitekha FMU
Lonchu FMU Lonchu FMU
Zonglela FMU  
Gidakom FMU  
Date of sale of tender documents: 11/12/2018.
Last date and submission of tender documents: 26/12/2018.
Date, venue and time of tender opening: 26/12/2108 at 10 AM in the Regional Office.
Tender forms can be purchased from Administration and Finance Unit, Rinpung Region, Thimphu against the payment of Nu. 300.00 (Nu. Three hundred) only, which is non-refundable. For further information, please contact at Phone No. 17872746/17476699 during office hours.