Timber Allotment/Auction Notice

NRDCL Management is pleased to announce the date and venue for Monthly Timber Allotment to the Wood Based Industries as follows:

Region Cluster Volume Available (Approx. in Cft) Venue Date Time
Jakar Jakar BP/MC Logs - 32,000.00 Regional Office, Bumthang 29.10.2018 10.30 AM
MHW Logs - 3,000.00
Rinpung Rinpung MC/BP Logs - 40,000.00 Zamin Restaurant, Paro 29.10.2018
Sha Phuentsholing and Sha MC Logs/Poles - 20,000.00 Regional Office, Sha 29.10.2018
MC (Cryptomeria) Logs - 3,750.00
Zhongar Zhongar MHW Logs - 5,000.00 Regional Office, Zhongar 29.10.2018
MC (Cryptomeria) Logs - 14,000.00
NRDCL will be conducting auction for special class timber at NRDCL, Head Office and is open to all Bhutanese individual, sawmillers, furniture units and business units, etc.
Regional Office / Contact No. Species/Volume Available (in Cft/m3) Venue Date Time
Jakar Teak Poles - 1851.38 Cft , Sissoo Logs/Poles - 704.23 Cft, Sal Logs/Poles- 1004.09 Cft NRDCL, HO, Thimphu 30.10.2018 11:00 AM
-17695310 Sal billets/firewood - 52.19 m3, Khair logs/poles- 1215.28 Cft (Gelephu Depot)
  Cupressess Poles -163.04cft (Tingtibi)
  Juniper block/logs - 121.67cft (Chutegang depot)
Phuentsholing Khair Logs/Poles -153.64cft (Samtse Depot)
-17463893 Cupressess Logs/Poles - 595.52cft (Gonglakha Depot)
Sha Cupressess Log - 300.00cft (Tsirang Depot)
-17668482 Cupressess sawn - 250.00cft (Samthang Depot)
NRDCL has approx. 20,000 Cft of mixed hardwood sawn timber under Zhonggar Regional Office, Mongar and any interested customers may contact the Manager- Marketing at 17113537/ 04-641165
For details, contact NRDCL HO, Thimphu at Tel#. 02-323834/323868 or the concerned Regional Managers
NRDCL Management