Shortlisting result for viva-voce for the post of Mktg. Assistant

Shortlisting result for viva-voce on  February 17, 2017 for the post of Mktg. Assistant.

Sl.No Name Citizen Indentity Card No. Index No Remarks
1 Mr. Dorji Wangchuk 11410007051 MA24 Shortlisted for viva-voce
2 Mr. Thinley Phuntsho 10104001256 MA23 Shortlisted for viva-voce
3 Mr. Rigzang Dawa 11515000229 MA20 Shortlisted for viva-voce
4 Mr. Pawan Ghalley 12004002107 MA16 Shortlisted for viva-voce
5 Ms. Namgay Dema 11001001176 Ma18 Shortlisted for viva-voce
6 Ms. Deki 11512001592 MA15 Shortlisted for viva-voce
7 Ms. Sonam Denkar 11508000789 MA03 Not shortlisted
8 Ms. Ugyen Chezom 10605001182 MA14 Not shortlisted
9 Mr. Budhi Raj Rai 11206005138 MA11 Not shortlisted
10 Mr.Tshering Wangdi 11410008808 MA19 Not shortlisted
11 Ms. Nidup Wangmo 10807000483 MA26 Not shortlisted
12 Ms. Devi Maya Gurung 21306000151 MA05 Not shortlisted
13 Ms. Norbu Cheki 11515000616 MA22 Not shortlisted
14 Ms. Namgay Dema 10902000942 MA07 Not shortlisted
15 Ms. Chonga Lhazom 11104002516 MA09 Not shortlisted
16 Ms. Rinzin Lhamo 11502002075 MA10 Not shortlisted
17 Ms. Sita Devi Suberi 11810001128 MA04 Not shortlisted
18 Ms.Pema Choden 11503003912 MA01 Not shortlisted
19 Mr.Ugyen Tshering 10601001914 MA06 Not shortlisted
20 Ms. Chejay Wangpo 11512001287 MA02 Not shortlisted

The shortlisted candidates are asked to report to NRDCL Head Office for the  viva-voce along with the relevant original documents on  February 17, 2017 at 03:15 pm sharp.