Core Values

NRDCL highly values the following core values which serve as critical factors for realizing the vision, mission and objectives of the corporation: 

Transparency and Accountability: Be disciplined, transparent and accountable for our decisions, behaviors, attitude and results

Integrity and Honesty: Be fair, honest and ethical in what we seek to do and how we deliver as an organization 

Productivity and Efficiency: Strive for highlevels of productivity and efficiency

Innovation and Creativity: Be creative and innovative in improving the services and technologies to realize our strategic goals (vision, mission and objectives).

Commitment and Teamwork: Be personally committed and take pride in working as a team with common values and goals

Respect and Fairness: Hold others in high esteem. All jobs and all people are important. Do not take advantage of people. View people as an end in themselves, not a means to an end. Behave in accord with our high standards of respect and fairness

Health and Safety: Be conscientious in promoting the health and safety of our people, community and environment