Retail Sales Outlet Introduced

Since the inception of the company, one of the important mandates of NRDCL is to carry out reforestation/afforestation activities in addition to scientific timber harvesting, forest road construction, sanitation operations etc. 

Towards meeting this mandate, NRDCL has been carrying out the plantation activities in Forest Management Units (FMUs) where the timber has been harvested as well as in barren areas outside the FMUs. Plantation seedlings are supplied through our nurseries established in every NRDCL Region. The NRDCL nurseries meet the demand of seedlings for NRDCL plantation programs as well as the development projects and local people.

flower nflower outlet

                                      The CEO inaugurating the flower retail sales outlet                                                        

As a green sector company, NRDCL is venturing to raise ornamental plants and seasonal flowers for sale to customers. Flowers have long been admired and used by humans to beautify their environment, and also as objects of ritual, religious, medicinal and even as a source of food.

In order to promote the sale of flowers, NRDCL has opened its retail sales counter in the head office compound and Rinpung Region. The NRDCL has developed its own nursery and green houses in Wang, Rinpung and Phuentsholing Region to supply variety of suitable plants and flowers for sale from the sales outlet.

For any inquiry, customers may call ourdealingstaff at 02- 323834/323469 (extensions-126/129/111) or Rinpung Region at 08-271519.