Hands on training on Glulam Timber Production

The establishment of the glulam pilot plant for producing special sized and length timber is a collaborative venture between NRDCL and Royal Academy Project (RAP). 

The first ever glulam technology got introduced in the country with the inauguration of a pilot plant on 10th March 2016 at Pangbisa in Paro mainly to meet the requirement of laminated timber for the multipurpose hall of RAP. Glulam is produced by laminating a number of smaller pieces of timber into a single, large, strong, structural member where wood is bonded together with special glue and compressed.

In order to enhance the competence of the staff working for timber lamination, three officials were trained in Switzerland for two weeks in October 2015. Following the launch of the plant, the management invited the production specialist from the consulting company in Switzerland and an on- the- job training on glulam operation and management was conducted from 17th April - 11th May 2016. The training was provided to nine employees from various Regional offices of NRDCL.

At the end of the training session, the participants were able to independently work on the following procedures:

    1. Selection of the wood for the lamination and preparation of timber for dry assembly,
    2. Chopping edges and planning,
    3. Introduction to glue and its application,
    4. Pressing of the glued beams,
    5. Demounting of the laminated beams from the Ledinek press,


The closing ceremony at Paro was graced by the Hon’ble Chief Executive Officer and senior management team from the head office on 9th May 2016.


Certificate awarding ceremony

Amidst positive feedback on the impact and outcome of the training, the participants urged for similar hands on training at occasional interval. The CEO briefed the participants on the importance of the training and also urged them to keep them informed of the technology through remote learning by using the information technology.  The importance of multi tasking and building professionalism of every staff members in the company was some of the key highlights, shared by the CEO in his closing remarks.