Retreat on Corporate Strategic Plan

For the first time, the Hon’ble Chairman, the Board of Directors and senior officials of NRDCL, including Regional Managers met in Phuentsholing from March 4-5, 2016 for a retreat to discuss the Corporate Strategic Plan for the company.

The Chief Executive Officer of NRDCL welcomed the Chairman, Board Directors and all other participants for the retreat. He expressed his gratitude to the Board for giving their valuable time to chart the strategic direction of the company through a proper Corporate Strategic Plan.


Active participation of all the members

During the two-day discussion, the meeting did not follow any structured guidelines but focused  on feedbacks, problems and issues faced by the regions and the company as a whole through open consultation, participatory discussions and brainstorming sessions. These discussions were mainly focused towards policy, technical and management areas. The broad outputs from the discussion are expected to be fed into the Corporate Strategic Plan.

Following these discussions, thematic areas with a focus to reorient the business approach of the company were discussed in great detail as below;

The Chairman shared his concern on the significance of preservation of forest and its resources. The need to change as per the requirement of the customers was also stressed upon by the Chairman.

The team recognized that the demand for sand is increasing annually while the sources are depleting in many sites. Potential sites for extraction are now mostly under protected areas. There is a need to review existing policies and regulations that are in place. Given that there are limited sites for extraction, alternative mechanisms should be explored to provide quality materials through either crushing or investing in more dredging machines. It is also equally important to improve the efficiency of current sand distribution mechanism. Similar to timber resources, the outputs of the discussions/inputs from the meeting on sand and stone are categorized into two products and grouped under policy, technical and management themes.

The CEO thanked the Chairman, the Board Directors and the participants for sharing their wisdom and thoughts in a free and frank manner and agreed to follow up on the concerns expressed in the meeting. The CEO assured that the management would like to commit for further improvement on service delivery. Based on the above discussions and inputs, the management will work to prepare an acceptable Corporate Strategic Plan for NRDCL.