An improved sand dredging machine for NRDCL

The deployment of sand dredging machine since April 2014 had helped NRDCL to meet the supply of sand even during the lean season when the supply from quarry and stock is exhausted.

The efficient functioning of the machine has encouraged the management to add more machines for sand extraction to meet the increasing demand of sand from customers in the western Region. Accordingly, a new, improved sand dredging machine was procured and deployed at Rinchengang near Wangduephodrang Bridge.

The Chief Executive Officer of NRDCL along with the relevant senior officials from the head office visited Sha Region on 17th March 2016 to inaugurate the newly installed sand dredging machine followed by sand site visits and a meeting with staff.


Hon’ble CEO inaugurating the new sand dredging machine

In terms of the improvements, the new machine is of higher capacity with 690 HP as against 680 HP in the old ones. Lengthwise, the new boat is shorter which makes it handy to operate. The new engine has a hose pipe made of rubber as against the plastic suction pipe in the old machines.

The capacity of diesel tank in the new machine is 150 litres whereas the old machine tank contains only 100 litres. The production capacity per hour from the new machine is around 9-10 truckloads as against 6-7 truckloads from the old ones. The new machine is modified in terms of look and design with safety features incorporated making it safer for the operators.


New sand dredging machine in operation

Following the inauguration and demonstration of the machine, the team visited some potential sand sites like Tshokona and a brick manufacturing plant in Thangu. The firm produces concrete bricks and has a huge demand for sand. The proprietor acknowledged the improvements made by NRDCL in sand supply as compared to the past in terms of cost and service delivery. According to him, the improved sand management system is one of the strong reasons leading him to establish a plant at Thangu. He also acknowledged the pressure that NRDCL has been facing for meeting the supply of sand from Sha Region.

After the field visits, a discussion between the Regional staff and the management team was held in the Regional office. The meeting was to interact and discuss on the need to enhance the performance of site staff and meet the supply of sand. A number of pertinent issues on sand shortage mitigation, safety concerns, sand quality, customer service, code of conduct for the staff were discussed during the meeting.

The CEO expressed his appreciation on the improvements made in 2015 by the Region on sand management especially with the introduction of sand dredging machines. He urged the staff to improve and meet the mandate of NRDCL as efficiently as possible.

The meeting that lasted for around 3 hours ended at 5.50 PM with the Regional staff expressing their satisfaction on the continuous support and motivation received from the management team.