Hon’ble Chairman’s visit to NRDCL

The Hon’ble Chairman of NRDCL Board took some time out of his busy schedule to make a brief visit to the head office of NRDCL on 27th January 2016.

The visit was arranged coinciding with the meeting of the Regional Managers from all the six Regions who had come to Thimphu for 2015 compact evaluation and 2016 compact discussion and other officials attending in-house training on inventory management system and customer service management.

The Chief Executive Officer welcomed the Chairman and expressed his gratitude for giving time to meet the relevant officials from the field. The Chairman expressed his satisfaction for meeting the relevant officials of the company at a time when he is quite concerned to improve the services rendered by the company. The Chairman made it clear that it is important to know the ground realities as the head of the Department of Forests and Park Services (DoFPS) and the Chairman of the company. He mentioned that he does not represent the Board in official capacity but finds it important to know the field level activities from the relevant officials. Some of the points shared by the Hon’ble Chairman during the visit are as follows;

chair man visit

Hon’ble Chairman interacting with the staff of NRDCL

The Chairman highlighted the importance of NRDCL since the time it was formed as a logging division under the Department of Forests and shared the various commands from His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo as early as 1980’s and many subsequent such orders from the golden throne. He urged everyone to be mindful of the sacred responsibilities bestowed upon NRDCL and work professionally at all levels.

A reference to some of the Royal Commands emanated from His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo on Agar wood nursery creation, granting of standing trees to Dzongs and Lhakhangs renovation, planning on timber requirement by all Dzongkhags, protection of critical watershed areas etc. were highlighted. He expressed his apprehension and concern on how effectively and efficiently these commands have been followed which are highly relevant today. If these were followed diligently, the DoFPS would not have been receiving unending requests for allotment of standing trees for projects and Dzongs today and hence the urgency to review those and the need for a change. This shows where we are failing as an agency bestowed with an important mandate and our aspiration to make resources available, accessible and affordable to the people of the country, remarked the Chairman.

The Chairman shared his concern on the significance of preservation of forest and its resources. He also highlighted that NRDCL is the only DHI owned company which is carbon neutral in its operations and aids in sequestering the carbon. Thus, he said that in near future, NRDCL could look forward in carbon trading activity with other companies of DHI. The need to change as per the requirement of the customers was also stressed upon by the Chairman.

Some other points raised by Chairman are on – Limitation on the length of timber extracted by NRDCL as against the requirement of customers, inability/unwillingness of NRDCL to extract timber from farm roads, transmission lines, lops and tops clearance, ineffective plantation, high timber cost due to high overhead expenses, communications gap between the head office and the Regions, proper harvesting and forests management etc.

Some of the feedbacks and concerns raised by the staff during the audience are – rural sand approval by the territorial staff, river bed boulders export, special sized timber supply, community forests etc.

The Chairman expressed his appreciation on the overall progress made in 2015 as compared to 2013-2014 and directed the management to further improve by taking into considerations the concerns of the DoFPS and the Board sincerely in the overall interest of the company. ‘The mindset of the customers has changed a lot and they are ready to pay premium for any new value added offers’, remarked the Chairman. The CEO thanked the Chairman for sharing his thoughts and agreed to take up the concerns diligently. The visit that took slightly more than an hour was an encouraging one for all of us in the company, remarked the CEO and assured that the management would like to commit further improvement on our service delivery.