Training on “Inventory Management System and Customer Service Management” – Some reflections from the participants

Coinciding with the negotiation and signing of annual compact with the Regional Managers, the training on ‘Inventory Management System’ and ‘Customer Service Management’ started from 27th January and was successfully completed on 30th January, 2016 at NRDCL Head office in Thimphu.

The 18 participants comprising of relevant officials from head office, Marketing, Crushing Plant, Sand, Glulam Managers from various Regions of NRDCL were welcomed by the General Manager of Business Development and Marketing Division followed by a briefing from Hon’ble Chief Executive Officer. The CEO highlighted the importance of conducting such training and stressed that the company business must incorporate new technologies and methods to render effective service to meet the requirement of the modern day customer. Further, he added that such trainings must be taken seriously by all participants and must incorporate the changes in the way all of us work for the growth of the company. He urged that no staff should allow brain blockage syndrome at their workplace and must change as per the changing times.

Following this, the participants were introduced to NRDCL Inventory Management System and Tally ERP 9 by the resource persons from the head office. The main objective of introducing such system in our company is to keep track of the company’s inventory and its information on finger tips of all relevant employees including the management and make it easily available to customer at the earliest possible through use of modern software such as Tally ERP 9. The participants found that the group activities using Inventory Management feature of the Tally software was very informative and brainstorming. Use of such feature would improve stock tracking, reporting system which is also expected to build consistency and reliability of information. In turn, the reliable information would aid in keeping required inventory at optimal level and could also help to avoid excess or shortage of inventory. Thus, this would maximize the sales and profitability of our company as company would have clear idea on where to invest and where to cut down its expenditure.

Moreover, the trainees also felt very privileged to have an audience with the Hon’ble Chairman of the company on 27th January 2016. The Chairman of the company shared his concern on the significance of preservation of forest and its resources. Simultaneously, the Chairman also shared the Royal Decree from 1980’s till date where our farsighted leaders stressed on preservation of natural resources including water shed management. Along the way, he also highlighted that NRDCL is the only DHI owned company which is carbon neutral in its operations and aids in sequestering the carbon. Thus, he said that in near future, NRDCL could look forward in carbon trading business with other companies of DHI. The need to change as per the requirement of the customers was also stressed upon by the Chairman.

The training of Tally ERP continued on the second day with the Regional Managers and Divisional Heads attending the hands on training. After lunch, this was followed by a field visit to Thimphu Tech Park Ltd (TTPL).  The TTPL facilitates Foreign Direct Investment on contact centre business and employs quite a large number of Bhutanese youths in their operations. Moreover, the trainees came to know that the contact center for many of the DHI owned companies are also located at TTPL.

                    training on Tally       customer on training     

Awarding of training completion certificates by the CEO

The third day of training introduced trainees to Customer Service Management. The trainees were taught that the customers are the King and they are not an interruption on our work but the purpose of it. The resource person touched upon various areas of customer service - such as customer retention, lifetime value & acquisition, customer service strategy, importance of good customer service, attitude building and on how to deal with irritated customer and make them satisfied with our service. In addition, complaint encouragement and complaint handling followed by effective communications while dealing with customers were also covered.

On the fourth and the last day of the training, the trainees learnt about customer charter. By keeping in mind that, in order to provide good customer service, it is mandatory for any service providing company like NRDCL to develop a customer charter. The resource person introduced customer charter of various companies with a core objective to meet customer service goals and observe customer’s rights. This was followed by group activity where participants were divided into four groups and each group developed a customer charter for NRDCL and presented to the class.

The training ended after lunch with award of certificate to the participants by the CEO. The participants and the management team also reiterated the importance of the training. In the words of the participants, ‘the training on ‘Inventory Management System’ and ‘Customer Service Management’ was very informative and through adoption of Standard Operating Procedure, the company could easily keep track of its inventories. Consequently, this would aid in achieving company’s vision to become premier supplier of natural resources and mission to make these resources available, affordable and accessible without compromising the sustainability of these pristine natural resources’.


As compiled by the participants