Bridge Over Tegorongchu under Selela FMU

The Rinpung Regional office, Paro has five Forest Management Units (FMU), namely Zonglela FMU, Haa East FMU, Selela FMU, Bitekha FMU and Lonchu FMU with adhoc logging area at Tagoed.

Forest roads and bridge constructions form a major part of the work for NRDCL to get access to timber resources. The NRDCL Regions mostly make use of the locally available construction materials for undertaking such constructions. Recently, the Regional office at Paro has carried out the replacement of the old bridge over Tegorongchu under Selela FMU.

Bridage at sela  Bridage at sela fmu

Bridge after completion

The repairing work was carried out departmentally at a cost of Nu. 241,727.05.The repairing work which began in April 2015 was completed at the end of December 2015.

The Selela Unit has constructed a total of 25 Kms forest road till date largely benefiting the people of Sombeykha gewog and Gakeyling Dungkhag of Haa Dzongkhag.