Hon’ble Chairman’s visit to NRDCL

The Hon’ble Chairman of Druk Holding and Investments (DHI) took some time out of his busy schedule to make a visit to one of NRDCL’s work sites on 14th October 2015.

The Chief Executive Officer along with his team of officials from NRDCL escorted the Chairman for a guided visit of timber depot at Ramtokto in Thimphu. The name Ramtokto is a popular destination for many of our valued customers to avail timber. The timber depot located adjacent to Wang Chhu at an area of 3.60 acres was initially started in early 90’s for stacking log timber extracted from the forests in and around Thimphu. This depot is gradually turning into a busy service centre for supply of other essential natural resources product and construction materials. A great deal of improvement has been made with the recent introduction of additional retail services.

chair man visit

Hon’ble Chairman (DHI) at Sawmill Site, Ramtokto

Firewood - Firewood for emergency purpose is supplied from the depot and as part of corporate social responsibility, five truckloads of firewood per month goes to the people’s project at the cremation ground, Hejo.

Retail Sand - In order to provide service to small quantity buyers, sand is sold on retail basis. Customers no longer have to worry about getting a full truckload of sand from a far off place for their minor works which require only small quantity of sand.

Timber Shed - In the timber front, all sawn timber extracted from far off, difficult places and thinning areas which cannot be taken in log form are stacked in proper shed for protection and air seasoning. This value addition is introduced keeping in mind the changing demand of customers for sawn, seasoned timber.

Sawdust Briquette - An attempt to facelift the overall depot is in progress and the briquette manufacturing unit set up in 2004 has seen major maintenance works. The production is expected to increase with adequate measures taken to improve the safety of workers and the plant as a whole. With dwindling forest resource, meeting the supply of firewood is becoming difficult and briquette produced by using sawdust has been an ideal substitute to firewood.

cahir man visit

Inside the Briquette Factory, Ramtokto

Sawmill - The recent addition is the establishment of a high end sawmill at Ramtokto. A Wood Mizer LT 70 series has been installed towards the end of September 2015. It is a state of the art technology with minimum recovery rate of 85%. This will help in timber waste reduction significantly.

The Hon’ble Chairman expressed his appreciation on the progress made so far and directed the management to further improve by introducing joinery facilities for ready to assemble and use items like door/window frames. ‘The mindset of the customers has changed a lot and they are ready to pay premium for any such convenient offers’, remarked the Chairman. The visit that took almost two hours was an encouraging one for all of us in the company and the management would like to commit further improvement on our service delivery.