Voluntary labour contribution for development of Biking Trails

In what is described as most exciting moment to work in forests, a total of fifty officials/staff of NRDCL Corporate Head Office and Wang Region, led by the Chief Executive Officer voluntarily made a day-long labour contribution towards development of Biking Trails around Thimphu on October 2, 2015.

After having divided into groups of ten participants, the work started as early as 9 AM in the morning and continued till 5 PM in the evening with only half an hour lunch break. Working with excitement and full of energy, each group completed a stretch of 50 meters of trails. Therefore, in total 250 meters of stretch of trails was completed by NRDCL Family on the day. After uprooting the roots of matured plants and deeply stationed stones, the 1.5 meters-width trail was made good enough and ready for biking/walking. The participants were self-contented and expressed satisfaction for being able make such small contribution towards a noble cause. On this occasion, the NRDCL Family would like to thank the organizing agency - Nature Recreation Division, DoFPS, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests for giving us this very opportunity to contribute and, of course for lunch and refreshments! In particular, we would like to thank Mr. Ugyen Dorji, Focal Person for development of Biking Trails and teams from NRD, DoFPS for technically aiding and assisting us to execute the work in the field.

imagesGroup 2

Participants of Group I & II with CEO


Participants of Group III & IV with CEO

group 5group5

Participants of Group V with CEO


Participants gathered at the camp site after the work in the evening

Believing the essence of voluntarism, the participants look forward to make similar contribution in future as well because such practice would not only add progress to the work but also help them to keep themselves physically fit and mentally sound.