Timber Sheds at Lingmethang and Rongmanchu Depots of Zhonggar Region

Beginning the financial year 2012, the market demand for timbers started to decrease gradually and by the end of the financial year 2014, there were huge stock of unsold timbers lying in various timber depots of NRDCL Regions across the Country. 

The timbers were kept in the open space, allowing the scorching sun and heavy down pour to damage the quality of timbers.The problem of unsold stock was more acute in the eastern region due to limited construction activities and the type of timbers available. Thus, to prevent from further deterioration, the management haddecided to construct permanent and temporary timber sheds in thosedepots that have huge stock of old timbers. Following the instruction of the management, Zhonggar Regional office has taken initiatives to protect the old, unsold timbers through sawing, seasoning and storage in proper sheds.

Permanent Depot

Photo 1: Permanent timber shed at Lingmethang Depot


Photo II: Temporary timber shed at Lingmethang Depot

The construction of temporary timber sheds were completed during the month of April and the permanent timber shed at Lingmethangdepotwas completed on 30th June 2015.With the completion of the sheds, customers can now enjoy the choice of purchasing the air seasoned timbers that are kept for two to three years or the freshly extracted timbers.


Photo III: Temporary timber shed at Rongmanchu Depot

The construction of temporary timber sheds at Rongmanchu/Lingmethangtimber depot and permanent timber shed at Lingmethangtimber depot shall cater to small requirements for timber from our valued customers on retail basis. Similarly, highly vulnerable log timbers shall be protected through some simple protection sheds, as far as possible.