Approach Road Completed -Sand Supply Resumes from Tshokona

Following the closure of feeder road from the main highway to Tshokona sand quarry in Sha by the private land owner from 26th March 2015, sand supply from Tshokona sand quarry in Wangduephodrang was temporarily suspended. 

The absence of road access had deprived the customers of river sand from the stock site and compelled them to avail dredged sand at higher rates from Rinchengang for over two months. 

Due to the urgency to meet the demand for sand, NRDCL had to take up the departmental construction of about 270 metres of by pass road from the national highway to Tshokana sand quarry site. Around 100 metres of the road passes through some steep terrain which has a gradient of 23% (approximately 130),thereby making it difficult for loaded trucks to cross the stretch.  This road stretch could not be avoided during the construction period due to presence of drinking water source beneath and private land above the road.

In order to start the supply of sand as early as possible, the road had to be made operational from 1st June 2015 soon after completing the soling and retaining walls. Although the status and strength of road was tested on the opening day with five different trucks having various carrying capacity and found successful, there is a possibility of causing damage to the road when the traffic increases especially during the rainy days. As the road cutting is fresh with narrow and steep gradient in some of the places, necessary modification and maintenance has to be carried out at frequent interval till it stabilizes completely. 

sand road new sand road

New approach road in Tshokona Sand Site

In view of our priority to serve the customers, the management took the initiative to complete the road as early as possible and made it operational immediately. Therefore, customers and truck drivers are requested to be extracareful while using the road especially driving uphill with load.The road shall remain closed for commuters once the sand supply is exhausted from stockyardfor necessary maintenance and also to avoid any mishap.