As an annual event to observe the Social Forestry Day 2015, the Wang Region initiated and organized the plantation of 500 Nos. of Oak Saplings on 3rd June 2015 to replace the dead saplings at Longjupakha,

covering an area of 11.20 Ha. The Chief Executive Officer, accompanied by respective General Managers and other officials/staff from NRDCL HQ and Wang Region were involved in plantation program.

planattion at wang

Fig.1: The team is about to start the plantation at the top of the cliff

CEO nrdcl planting

Fig.2: CEO planting the sapling at the plantation site

plantation at base

Fig.3: The team resting after the plantation work

The officials gathered at the road head as early as 9.30 AM with full of energy to start the plantation. They carried the saplings in their hand and climbed up the hill for about 20 minutes to reach the plantation site. Although the day was hot and sunny, the team was rigorous and excited for plantation. Before the start of plantation, the CEO highlighted the importance of the day and encouraged the officials/staff to keep the spirit of making the hill scene green for all times to come. With the spirit of continuity and synergy, the team then involved in the plantation work and, therefore successfully completed the plantation at 11:45 AM. Similar program was also initiated by all our Regional Offices throughout the country to mark the day.