Celebrating Social Forestry Day in Zhemgang

As part of the celebration of Social Forestry Day on 2nd June 2015, the Regional staff of NRDCL based in Zhemgang comprising of staff from the Regionalhead office and Homdhor stone crushing plant joined the nation in plantingsome saplings at uphill roadside near Bertey sand quarry road.

The sand quarry site located below the bypass road from Reotala to Tingtibi is at the bank of Mangdechhu. The site has loose soil and is prone to landslide which needs additional measures to prevent any erosion in future. 

planatation at zhemgang

Figure 1.Plantation work in progress

A total of 100 bamboo rhizomes and 60 other ficussaplings at the land slide prone area measuring approximately 24 decimal was carried out.As a responsible entity managing natural resources in the country, agreater sense of commitment towards environment protection through planting new saplings and taking care of existing ones is a priority. At the global level, trees and forests are closely linked with weather patterns and also the maintenance of a crucial balance in nature where every individual has a stake to conserve natural environment. 

plantation at zhemgnAG

Figure 2.A well-deserved rest for the team