Monthly allotment of timber conducted in the depot

With a view to provide greater access to assess the quality oftimbersby the saw millers prior to purchase, the Wang Region of NRDCL conducted its monthly allotment of timber for the month of April 2015 at itstimber depot atDumsangneynearGidakom, Thimphu

This is unlike theusual practiceof conducting the monthly allotment at the officepremise.The Department of Forests and Park Services (DoFPS) was kind enough to provide the meeting hall and other facilities at their site office located adjacent to the timber depot for which the management is thankful for such a generous support.

                 wanga                        wanga1

                Allotment in Progress                                                                            Lot Inspection at Depot

The allotment committee comprising of representatives from the DoFPS and Bhutan Chamber of Commerce joined the NRDCL team for the allotment held on 29th April 2015. Despite heavy rainfall, there were 12 saw millers participating in the allotment. Such field level exercise was found to be useful for the following reasons;

                    wang3                                wang4

                       Timber Depot at Dumsangney                                                                NRDCL Field Office at Dumsangney

The allotment was a combination of both new timbers at NRPC rates and old, unsold timbers at negotiated rates that was adopted as per the criteria used for open internal timber allotment. A total of 13,539.13 cft of fresh timbers was made available for sale and 7746.94 cft (57%) was sold on the allotment date. From the old, unsold lots, 706.96 cft was disposed at negotiated rate.Depending on requirement, allotment in the subsequent months will be conducted alternately in the head office and depots.