Major maintenance of Bamboo Canopy at Linkana Palace, Punakha

The Bamboo Canopy constructed by NRDCL near Linkana Palace adjacent to Punakha Dzong on the joyous occasion of Royal Wedding of our Fifth Druk Gyalpo to Queen Jetsun Pema and formally handed over to the Dzongkhag Administration, Punakha on 27th September 2011, needed a major maintenance.

As the construction then was undertaken with bamboo experts hired from India, NRDCL was requested by the Dzongkhag Administration to carry out the repair works maintaining its original quality and workmanship. As the earlier person who executed the work could not be contacted, NRDCL had to carefully find an alternative.


Before the renovation

Accordingly, NRDCL took over the complete task of major renovation of the Bamboo Canopy works through M/S Bamboo Cane and Wooden Manufacturing Unit of Sa-Ngag-Chhoeling Gewog of Samtse Dzongkhag at a cost of Nu. 617,857. The major work involved replacement of the Bamboo Board for floor and poles with treated bamboo procured from North East India. The work was satisfactorily completed retaining its original beauty with few outer designs and handed over to the Dzongkhag Administration on 14th February 2015. 


After the renovation

We offer this small contribution to our beloved Royal Couple on the auspicious occasion of their 4th Wedding Anniversary.