Sha Region takes up Tshenden Nursery at Dangchu Geog

In view of the importance attached to reconstruct and restore the historical Wangduephodrang Dzong to its former glory, the best possible locally available skilled manpower and quality construction materials are put in use.

One such importance attached is the use of special class timber Cupressus locally known as ‘Tshenden’ for many of the important construction works. As there are very limited areas in the country where such high quality timber can be extracted, the availability of this high value timber in the vicinity at Ngechuphu area under Dangchu Geog has been a great advantage for the Dzong Reconstruction works.

Accordingly, the Regional office of NRDCL at Sha took a rigorous effort to extract some 45,000 cft of Tshenden timber from Ngechuphu area under Dangchu Geog to cater to the ongoing Wangdue Dzong Reconstruction and Gasa Dzong Conservation Project.

Nursering sha Nur

Tshenden Nursery Beds

As these timbers are supplied from the natural forest area, replenishing the logged and barren areas by carrying out afforestation activities have been a priority for NRDCL, basically to improve the Tshenden forest condition and to ensure sustainable supply of such high quality timber in future. In line with our mandate to contribute towards rejuvenation of country’s forest cover and nature conservation, Sha Regional office has established Tshenden Nursery at Dangchu adjacent to the Geog office. During the year 2014, more than 12,000 seedlings were produced and additional 20,000 seedlings shall be produced during 2015.

The seedlings are raised from the seeds collected from the natural Tshenden forest stands at Ngechuphu area. Once the logged and empty areas are replenished, constant monitoring to ensure maximum survival and growth will the priority of all relevant stakeholders.


Sha Region