Farewell to Head of Operations Division

The management and staff of NRDCL gave farewell to one of its veteran colleague in the company from February 2015.

Mr. Narayan P Pradhan heading the Timber Operations Division of NRDCL in the capacity of Deputy General Manager started his carrier with the then Department of Forests towards the end of 1976 as a trainee Ranger. He was appointed through Manpower Division at the time of Dasho C Dorji, the then Director of Forests.

During his farewell dinner held on 9th February 2015, Mr. Pradhan shared his early day’s challenges having to work in difficult areas.  Despite these challenges, he is proud and happy that he had the opportunity to take up many new tasks which earned him good recognition in the eyes of the management. As a young and energetic trainee officer, Mr. Pradhan had the opportunity to learn many new things in the field of forestry management which helped him become a true forester with such a distinguished career spanning some 35 years of regular service.


A token of appreciation for his hard work

During his long association with the forestry sector both in government and later as a corporate employee, he worked under many different heads. As a corporate employee with the then Bhutan Logging Corporation, Mr. GK Pradhan was his first Managing Director. Mr. Pradhan worked twice under Dasho Karma Dukpa who was then the Managing Director under Forestry Development Corporation Limited and currently as the Chief Executive Officer of Natural Resources Development Corporation.

Mr. Pradhan shared his close association with the Department and becoming counterpart to many of the consultants/experts, while he was in the field which helped him learn modern technology on mechanized logging and other forest management systems which otherwise would have been difficult. During his last days and months, Mr. Pradhan tried to compile some of his personal perspectives of how forests harvesting system has evolved in the country in his paper titled “Review of Forest Harvesting Techniques in Bhutan”.

He expressed complete satisfaction on his long journey as a forester and thanked everyone in the Department and NRDCL for the excellent support which helped him achieve all that he accomplished during his tenure. He summarized his stay in the Department in general and NRDCL in particular as ‘I am proud that I was working with this company and have done what I could have done with best of my knowledge’. He wished the company a very successful future and hope one day the company will grow to become one of the top most companies in the country.

farewell production 

The CEO addressing the farewell gathering

The Chief Executive Officer of NRDCL who had a long association with Mr. Pradhan summed up the sentiments of all NRDCL employees by citing Mr. Pradhan as one who is a harbinger of gross national happiness in his personal and professional life and wished him good luck, health and success throughout his retired life.