Region explores new sites for sand and boulders under Pemagatshel dzongkhag

In view of the growing construction activities and other major infrastructural developments likely to take place soon under Pemagathsel, lower Trashigang and upper Samdrupjongkhar dzongkhags,

lower Trashigang and upper Samdrupjongkhar dzongkhags, the Chief Executive Officer of NRDCL had directed the Regional Manager of Samdrupjongkhar Region to conduct a pre-feasibility study of natural resources potential in the region.

Accordingly, the Regional Manager led a team of five officials from his Region from 31st October to 2nd November 2014 to explore the availability of quality materials like sand and stones in and around the river banks of Uri-Demri and Gongri The officials during their visit undertook the following tasks;

The officials who visited the sites are;

  1. Mr. Nawang Denden, Regional Manager, Samdrupjongkhar Region,
  2. Mr. Thinley Jamtsho, Asst. Manager, Ngangshing Stone Crushing Plant (SCP),
  3. Mr. Tshering Wangdi, Quarry I/c, Ngangshing SCP,
  4. Mr. Rohit Gurung, Field Assistant, Khaling-Kharungla FMU,
  5. Mr. Rinchen, Security Guard, Ngangshing SCP.

The report from the site as per the team is as follows;

A brief on Uri-Demri confluence

A motor road connecting Uri-Demri starts from Yurung/Uri suspension bridge following the Uri river bank downstream. After the road head, it takes about 3 hours on foot to reach Uri - Demri. Although the path looks deserted, it was reported that this foot path used to be the traditional route to Kengkhar village under Mongar dzongkhag from Pemagatshel. The Region explored the possibility of constructing a road at this stretch of about 6.5 kms and came up with the following observations as below;

Of the 6.5 kms road surveyed sometime back by NRDCL, about 5 kms passes by the river bank and is on a stable ground and damage to the road during monsoon is found to be minimum until and unless there is a huge natural disaster.


Narrow gorge- path to Uri-Demri

The main resource available is stone/boulder for surface collection which is found in abundance and there is possibility of sand extraction from the confluence of Uri-Demri. The exact quantity of resources that would be available can only be forecasted after surveying the area in detail. The site is found to be potential for surface collection of stone/boulder and sand extraction.

A brief on Gongri

Gongri is another one hours walk from the confluence of Uri-Demri and downstream of Demri River. With the merging of two rivers, Uri from Pemagatshel and Demri from Khaling side, the river is quite big and broad. Construction of seasonal road is feasible but in such areas, the road will have to be reconstructed every year as the only possible area is by the river bank and no other areas are available in the gorge.

At the confluence of the Uri-Demri and Gongri and towards the Gongri side, there is a huge deposit of good quality sand. However, to reach the deposit site, there is a need to cross the Gongri River twice in a zig zag manner. The Gongri River which is said to be the Dangmechu flowing from Trashigang is more than 50 mtrs broad with very strong water current.

The only possible way to extract sand from the area is either by cable craning or by boat.



Uri-Demri confluence and path towards Gongri                                                                                              Materials unexploited and untouched


Uri-Demri confluence with the bridge to Kengkhar at the back