Coordination meeting for Rinpung Region

The Forest Management Unit (FMU) level coordination meeting between NRDCL of Rinpung Region and the Territorial Division, DoFPS, Paro was held on 29th October 2014.

The meeting was chaired by the Chief Forestry Officer of Paro Territorial Division and was conducted in Haa dzongkhag. The meeting was attended by relevant officials from dzongkhag administration, local leaders from the gewog administration, NRDCL, Rinpung region and Territorial Division, Paro.

The Forest Management Unit are the main production areas identified for sustainable management of timber to meet up the public demand. The region has five FMU’s, the maximum number of FMU’s in the country namely; Selela FMU, Ha East FMU, Lonchu FMU under Haa dzongkhag and Betekha and Zonglela FMU under Paro dzongkhag.  

The meeting focused deliberations on the achievement and review of targets as per the operational plan for the current year.  The meeting also deliberated on the implementation of forest management plans for the past years and endorsement of the operational plan for year 2015.  A review of the implementation of scientific forest management by professional foresters of NRDCL, Rinpung region and Paro Territorial Division was carried out.

The meeting was conducted in a free and frank manner with open discussion on scientific timber harvesting, sustainable forest road constructions, production of seedlings and plantation within the FMU, timber supply to rural and urban customers. The Chairman expressed his appreciation to the territorial staff of the department and the regional office of NRDCL for their sincerity, cooperation, hard work and achievement as per Forest Management Plan targets. He urged the participants to work hard and meet the supply of timber resources within the two dzongkhags as well as other nearby dzongkhags as there is a huge demand for timber from Rinpung region.

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The Chairman and participants for the meeting