Greening initiatives in and around crematorium area, Hejo

Befitting the mandate of the company, the responsibility to spearhead the “Landscape Greening Project’ for crematorium area in Hejo as part of celebrating the 60th Birth Anniversary of our beloved 4th Druk Gyalpo was given to NRDCL by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests.

The crematorium area in Hejo, Thimphu is the most sacred public place that touches the sentiments of all Bhutanese, sooner or later. The place deserves more care and greenery for the benefit of all visitors. Trees bring people together and create a happy atmosphere all around. Trees provide us with shade, nutrition, and relaxation, as well. The Wang Regional office led the greening initiative in and around the crematory area as part of 60th birth anniversary celebration of our beloved 4th Druk Gyalpo, who has sacrificed so much for conservation of environment.


Plantation at Hejo by Wang Region staff of NRDCL

The region had planted the root balled mixed conifer species departmentally at a cost of Nu. 168,451.35 in an area of 0.83 hectares. The plantation work started in August 2014, whereby 100 numbers of mixed conifer species like Blue pine, Spruce, Larch, Acer, Juniper, Q/Griffithi and Bamboo were planted. Another, 100 numbers of Willow trees and 90 numbers of Poly pot seedlings were transported from Changkhaphu nursery and mostly planted along the river side.

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Plantations along River Side

These seedlings are individually fenced with off-cuts and reject timbers brought from sawmill and other adhoc logging areas to protect from stray cattle. The maintenance of plantation like watering, weeding and fencing repair works are carried out from time to time.

During the recent assessment, the region had observed 100% survival for the Willow saplings and 80% survival on the mixed conifer root balled and poly pot seedlings. The dead seedlings are replaced after every assessment.