Departmental construction of forests road by Rinpung Region

The network of forests road is important in terms of providing access to Forests Management Units (FMU) for the extraction of timber, stones, sand etc.

These access roads are recognized not only as key infrastructure for NRDCL operations but have also greatly contributed in improving rural livelihoods by connecting them to the urban centres in many areas. The forests road meant for timber and other resources extraction is considered special as the requirements and designs are different from other forms of road. The construction of forests road constitutes significant financial investments for the company. Over the last three decades, forests roads has increased drastically and it will only continue to do so, as more and more new FMUs, stone quarries, sand quarries and other diversification activities are taken up in future. As of date, NRDCL has constructed a total of about 610 kms of various types of forests access road as below:

  1. Forest access road    : 600.00 kms (including timber depot roads),
  2. Stone quarry road      : 6.34 km approximately,
  3. Sand quarry road       : 3.39 km approximately.

Most of the work of forests road construction is contracted out and the company is keen to take some of these constructions departmentally with a view to build professionalism and at the same time reduce some costs. It is very important to build and upgrade the engineering capability of our staff by adopting environmental friendly road construction technology in line with the framework of government policy.

The twin objectives behind the departmental execution of forests access road are as follows;

In line with the management’s decision to go for departmental construction of forests road, the 14 kms long forests road from Isuna to Nabesa is further extended by an additional 0.750 km access road. This extension in Nabesa block of Zonglela FMU under Rinpung Region has been completed on 30th September, 2014 and taken over on 8th October, 2014. The newly completed road is expected to benefit the people of Nabesa, Siluna, Phubana and Baemja Goenpa apart from providing access to the FMU.

imgaimage road

 The Regional team at the road extension site for final inspection.