Some highlights of activities from Wang Region

The NRDCL has the mandate to extract and supply natural resources such as timber, sand, stones, stone aggregates etc. to the people of the country and make it affordable and accessible.

These resources are made available from eight regional offices namely, Wang, Rinpung, Sha, Phuentsholing, Zhemgang, Jakar, Zhonggar and Samdrupjonkhar. Some regions have all of the above resources while some regions have only few of them.

Wang Regional office based in Thimphu is endowed with only timber resources which comes in the form of logs, poles, and blocks from its depots. Apart from log timber, the region handles saw dust briquette, firewood and marketable sized sawn timbers and seedlings. The region also handles retail sand supplied by Sha region for the benefit of small quantity buyers.

1.Briquette from Sawdust

The overall objective of setting up a briquette plant is to reduce consumption of firewood, electricity and fossil fuels for heating and cooking purposes. Bhutan does not have any reserve of fossil fuels and all petroleum products are imported. Study shows that in terms of time, fuel wood heating takes 2.44 times more than the time taken to heat/cook by using briquettes. 

Therefore, briquette which is non-pollutant, efficient and environment friendly is expected to mitigate consumption of other sources of energy. Briquette is supplied from its only plant at Ramtokto to individual customer as well as institutional users like schools, monk bodies, armed forces etc. Briquettes are packed in 30 kg bag and sold at a price of Nu. 5.00 per kilogram. The cost of bag is Nu.9.00 per bag.


Briquetting unit and products at display at Ramtokto

2.Retail Sand Supply

In order to make sand available in small quantities to individual buyers, NRDCL has introduced retail outlet for sand from Ramtokto located by the side of our timber depot.

The sand for retail sale is measured with the capacity of 0.05 m3 (1.5 cft). One truck load (8 m3 volume) will have equivalent to 160 bags of sand. The cost of sand per bag is Nu. 50.28 bag and customers have the option to either pick the packed sand or take it without the bags. The cost of bag alone is Nu.9.00 per bag.


Retail sand depot in Ramtokto

3.Sawn Timber

As the demand for block timber is low, NRDCL is into conversion of log and block timber into appropriate marketable sizes in sawn form as far as possible. These timbers taken out from thinning and adhoc operations would be sold directly from the depots at NRPC approved rates for sawn timber which is Nu. 286.76 per cft for Blue Pine species and Nu. 279.00 per cft for Mixed conifer species.


Marketable sized sawn timber stacked for disposal

4.Firewood for emergency purposes

The company has started the supply of firewood from 2004. Firewood is extracted from the working areas i.e. Forest Management Units and the supply is made from lops and tops (forest residues) after the extraction of prime timber as there are no designated areas for firewood extraction. Firewood is supplied through contractors, who are awarded the work based on lowest quoted rates through open tender. 

In order to meet the varied requirement of firewood for emergency purpose, we have been supplying different species of firewood such as hardwood, softwood and Juniper in m3 basis from Ramtokto depot.


Firewood stacked for disposal

Rates for different types of firewood from Wang Region

Sl No


Rate (Nu/m3)

Quantity (m3)


Soft Firewood


1 m3


Hard Firewood


1 m3


Juniper Firewood


1 m3

 5.Seedlings Supply

The Region also supplies various species of seedlings for sale from its nurseries at Changkhaphu. The nursery is raised as part of the company’s strong commitment to replant the harvested areas through normal logging operations and other areas damaged by fire, disease, animals, insects etc. These seedlings are sold to the general public and organizations for plantation purposes. Cypresses saplings are also available for sale which can be used for decoration purposes on important festivals. Each Poly Pot seedling will cost Nu. 8.50 whereas overgrown seedling will cost Nu. 30.00 per seedling.


Beds of Nursery for Seedlings

For any information, inquiry on above mentioned natural resources, customers can call our toll free number 1091, Wang Region office at 00975-2-323469 or Ramtokto field office at 00975-2-371268 during office hours. Customers may also avail the information in our website

Marketing, Wang Region