Updates on the supply of Stones to Wangduephodrang Dzong Reconstruction Project

The NRDCL is given the mandate to supply locally available construction materials like timber, sand and stones and has a huge responsibility to take care of the supply of these resources to all stakeholders across the country.

Apart from meeting the requirements of individual construction houses, NRDCL has to meet the supply of construction materials to important national monuments like Dzongs, Lhakhangs, educational institutes and other important projects. One such task at hand is the supply of quality tested appropriate sized stones and high grade timber for the reconstruction of Wangduephodrang Dzong to its former glory or even better with a blend of traditional architecture with modern amenities which the nation lost to wrathful fire in 2012.

The responsibility must be taken seriously by all the stakeholders because a little delay in supply, a tiny mistake in the work at site is likely to cost everybody dearly sooner or later. The time is of the essence when we need to execute such a herculean task of restoring a historic monument like Wangduephodrang Dzong to its intended stature.

site viewwangdi

Site preparation works for Petakarp stone quarry

The NRDCL would like to use this medium of our website to update and share the work progress for the supply of stones, till date. The quality tested stones has to be supplied from the quarry site at Petakarp located near the main bridge of Wangduephodrang which is about 3 kms.

A series of in-house preparatory meetings have taken place with all relevant officials and responsibilities fixed. The management and the Project Director for Wangduephodrang Dzong Reconstruction Project is in constant discussion on how best we could work hand in hand. The preliminary details on the cost of stone is being shared and discussed as it is in the interest of NRDCL to pursue this nationally important project based on social mandate without commercial interests.

The maintenance and improvement of 1.25 kms of existing quarry road from the main highway to the quarry site which started in April 2014 have been completed. An additional 150 metre road was constructed to reach the top of the quarry for start of overburden removal. The overburden disposal from the quarry site has started and is transported to PHPA waste disposal site at Ngechigyalkha muck disposal site which is about 3.2 kms away from the quarry site. A fleet of four privately hired trucks and two departmental trucks are engaged full time to transfer the over burden materials to the muck disposal site. As per initial report of the Department of Geology and Mines, only 25% of the extracted stone is usable and 75% is wastage. The estimated volume of muck from the site is quite huge and estimated to be almost 2.4 million cft which would cost heavily. This is unavoidable as the quarry site is located above the main highway and is on a slope with settlement in and around the site. Due care has to be taken to prevent rolling stones causing damage to property and lives surrounding the site. The total stone supply to the Dzong is estimated at 800,000 cft. Considering void of 15% and around 5% as handling loss, the total quantity is estimated at 1,000,000 cft during the entire project period.

An excavator is engaged to excavate, load and segregate the waste materials from usable stones. As per the norms of the Department of Geology and Mines, a full time Mines In charge is engaged to monitor the mining works. Efforts are also being taken to segregate the good stones at the muck disposal site and stacked for further use. Although, ready from our end, the actual supply has not started. The management of NRDCL is pleased to inform that necessary updates shall be provided to the general public as and when the work progresses.