Technical Seminar for Cable Crane Operators & Mechanics

Machineries are the lifeline of any natural resources management company like NRDCL.

An effective and efficient utilization of machineries needed for extraction of timber, sand, stones etc. greatly enhances the efficiency of all operations and it is the endeavor of NRDCL to train and retrain our operators and mechanics on regular basis.

As part of our continuous effort to build and strengthen the technical competency of our cable crane operators and mechanics in the field, the HR & Administration Division in collaboration with M/s Usha Martin Limited, Kolkata, India had organized a technical seminar on “Wire Ropes” from 20th to 22nd June 2014 in Paro and Thimphu. Four technical experts from M/s Usha Martin Limited, Kolkata were invited to conduct the seminar which involved field level hands on training and discussions in a classroom setting.


Some snapshots from the seminar

The two-day technical seminar basically focused on practical demonstration of splicing of wire ropes, cable rope identification, management and maintenance of wire ropes. The technical experts and the participants made a field visit totimber extraction site at Nabesa in Paro to see the applicability of the wire ropes in use. Rinpung Regional Office facilitated the required logistics for practical demonstration of wire rope splicing and field visit in Paro.

The seminar was attended by all our departmental cable crane operators, mechanics and five other private cable crane operators. In total, fifteen participants attended the seminar. The closing ceremony of the seminar was graced by the Chief Executive Officer of NRDCL in the head office. In his concluding remarks while addressing the participants, the CEO said that the primary responsibilities of the cable crane operators are to correctly identify the wire ropes for efficient use of high tension cable lines and maintain the entire stock of accessory parts for the skyline cable systems.