Social Forestry Day 2014

The 2nd of June is celebrated every year as Social Forestry Day throughout the country. As enshrined in the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan, at least 60% of the country should remain under forest cover for all times to come.

The NRDCL is mindful of its huge responsibility to sustainably manage the forest resources primarily timber. The extraction of timber is carried out scientifically as per the forest management plans with Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) granted by the Department of Forests and Park Services (DoFPS). With strong emphasis on our plantation programmes, the company makes concerted efforts to replenish the extracted timber resources to a large extent.

On 2nd June 2014, around 35 officials and staff of Wang Region & head office formed a team to plant about 500 seedlings of Spruce, Oak, Larch, Rhododendron and bamboos in Lanjuphakha area. This area above Royal Banquet hall was damaged by fire in 2003. The dzongkhag Forestry took up the plantation work in 2004-05. Unfortunately, the same area was again damaged by fire in 2007 and the following year, the area was handed over to NRDCL for sanitation and plantation works. After properly clearing about 11.50 hectares of affected area, another 19,320 number of seedlings (Sisi, Blue Pine, Quercus Semecarpifolia etc. were planted in 2009. In addition to this, some grass species and bamboos were planted but did not survive.

A team from the DoFPS and NRDCL jointly visited the area to evaluate the progress of the plantation and found out the success rate to be only about 45%. Further, around 2,898 seedlings with 2,598 Quercus griffithii and 399 bamboo seedlings were planted. An assessment carried out in 2011 reflected a success rate of about 73%. The Wang Region constantly monitors the progress and it has resulted in the survival rate of plantation at above 90%.

In order to further improve the survival of new plantation, two numbers of water tank are stationed at different locations to store water and sprinkle at the plants during dry season. The NRDCL has also constructed a small temporary nursery hut with the objective to nurture the seedlings locally for the area. With such initiatives, there has been tremendous improvement in the survival rate of new plantations. The NRDCL had also taken up new plantation in 0.40 hectares of vacant land adjacent to the main road with 377 numbers of mixed species of Oak and other decorative plants. This area is fenced with 5 strand of barbed wire of 200 mm. Fire line along the periphery of 0.40 hectares is also constructed to protect the plantation area.


The task force deserves a break in between.

In order to maintain 100% survival of the new plantation and to keep the area clean and green, the Wang Region has deployed a couple of labourers for watering the newly planted seedlings.

It is hoped that this diminutive effort on the part of NRDCL would go a long way to realize the dream of Bhutan becoming a net carbon sink country in the world. The NRDCL keeping in line with its salient mandate truly construe each day as Social Forestry Day and aspire to become a champion to keep Bhutan green at all times.