New Initiatives by Rinpung Region

Proper nurturing, maintenance and management of all forest resources is important for future sustenance of flora and fauna. The NRDCL considers maintaining and improving the health and sanitation of forests as an important responsibility. 

In collaboration with the territorial division of the DoFPS, Rinpung Region had taken up the cleaning up of forests affected by bark beetle to protect them from further spreading to other nearby healthy forests cover.  This sanitation work involved extracting the affected timber, burning of the affected barks and cleaning the forest to prevent the further spread of the disease.  The Region is currently taking over cleaning and salvage operation in two areas namely Dotey gewog and Lugni Gewog of Paro Dzongkhag.  This operation is expected to help protect the further spread of bark beetle to other areas.

As part of improving the accessibility of timber resources to the valued customers, the NRDCL had a consultative meeting with the people’s representative of Gabjana village of Lugni Gewog, Paro on 21st May 2014 for the establishment of a new timber depot. An area of about one acre of unused land above Agricultural Machinery Center (AMC) Paro is identified to be used as timber depot.  This proposed depot is at the proximity of potential customers which would reduce the cost of transportation for movement of timber from the depot to the customer premises and also from the harvested areas.

 public meetingpic from rinrung


Proposed Timber Depot above the AMC,Paro.                                                                                          Consultative meeting with public.