First Quarterly Progress Review Meeting

The first quarterly Progress Review meeting for NRDCL chaired by the Chief Executive Officer was held in the head office on 30th April and 1st May 2014 where all the Head of Divisions, Regional Managers of eight Regions and Section heads of the head office were present.

The Chairman welcomed the participants and highlighted the importance of compact signed by the company with the owner, Druk Holding and Investments (DHI). He stressed that such compacts are important to make everybody mindful of what they are supposed to do and hold them accountable based on the final output. There will be transparency and meritocracy driven assessment system at the end of the year based on the productivity of each individual/Regions/Divisions. It is expected to help eliminate complacency and indifferent attitude and any failure shall call for review and necessary changes. If the compact deliverables are taken seriously, responsibilities will be streamlined and systematic communication process will be established, remarked the CEO.


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First Quarter Progress Review Meeting in Progress

The meeting was apprised of the financial and non financial performance during 2013 and highlighted those areas where the company had failed to perform. Following this, the meeting went on to discuss on fulfillment of the region wise target of production and disposal of the products such as timber, firewood, wood chips, briquettes, sand, stone and stone chips. Apart from the production and disposal issues, the meeting also deliberated other issues related to Procurement, Road Construction, Human Resources and Administration etc.

The highlight of the meeting was the formal signing of the compacts for 2014 between the Head of Divisions and Regional Managers endorsed by the Chief Executive Officer. The compact with the Regions will be closely monitored by the respective divisional head. The first quarter progress review was made by the Divisions and the Regions and it was found that very little progress was made for all activities, so far. The Chairman directed all concerned to be mindful of the important mandate of the company and put in extra effort to accomplish the targets collectively. He also stressed the importance of healthy competition amongst Regions and achievement of Regional compact will have a bearing on individual incentives, as well.

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Compact Signing Ceremony

The meeting concluded on a successful note with the Chairman thanking the participants for their valuable inputs during the deliberations. He further reiterated the importance of fulfilling the compact for the year 2014.