Sand supply from Wangduephodrang receives priority

The natural deposit of sand this year is quite less as compared to the past years due to scanty rainfall.

However, the demand remains high and about 140 truckload of sand is supplied daily from Punatshangchhu in Sha Region. Despite many challenges, NRDCL strives hard to fulfill its huge responsibility of making locally available construction materials like timber, sand and stones available, accessible and affordable to all consumers in the country. In order to meet the demand for sand, various options have been explored and sales are made based on rates approved by the Natural Resources Pricing Committee (NRPC) of DoFPS, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MoAF) as below;

1)    Sand from quarry is Nu.100.63/m3 (Nu.805 per truck load for 8m3 volume).

2)    Sand from stock at Tshokona is Nu.192.75/m3 (Nu.1542 per truck load for 8m3 volume) owing to expenses incurred in collection, loading/unloading and transportation from the quarry to the depot.

3)    Dredged sand from Rinchengang is Nu.242.36/m3 (Nu.1938.88 per truck load for 8m3 volume). This sand is free from mud, debris etc with 100% recovery.


Please note that prices for sand supplied from quarries and stock have not been revised since April 2013 whereas dredged sand price has been approved only from 23rd April 2014 by the NRPC.

Therefore, all our valued customers are requested to take note of the above available options and rates. We would also like to solicit the cooperation of our valued customers and transporters in our effort to render quality service and as well as control any unscrupulous price escalation.

For any inquiry, suggestion, information and complaint, please call our toll free number 1091 or PABX 02-323834 (extension – 139/137/123) and Regional Office, Sha at 02-481272 during office hours or visit our website