Some updates on Sand Supply

The management of NRDCL would like to inform the general public and its valued customers that on an average 140 truckloads of sand is supplied daily from Wangduephodrang River monitored by Sha Regional Office.

The sand from the quarry in places like Tshokona, Rinchengang, Honjukha Thangu quarries have exhausted much early this year due to less deposit of sand. The NRDCL had engaged the services of a contractor to immediately collect the available sand from these quarries to the stock in order to prevent any loss of accumulated sand before the onset of monsoon. With this arrangement, we have a good reserve of sand at stock in Tshokona to cater to our customers. Owing to expenses incurred in collection, loading/unloading and transportation from the quarry to the depot, the rate of sand from the stock is Nu.1542 per truck load (8m3) volume.  

In order to further supplement the supply of sand, we have also introduced dredging from beginning of 2014 for extraction of sand right from the river bed even during the monsoon season. The dredged sand is superior in terms of quality without mud and any other debris. It is even better than the washed sand and the recovery is as high as 100%. The sand is being extracted continuously from the river by dredging machine and stocked at site in Rinchengang. The interim cost of dredged sand approved by the Natural Resources Pricing Committee of the DoFPS to individual buyers is Nu.1938.88 per truckload (8m3) volume and Nu.2232.00 per truckload (8m3) volume for industrial buyers.

In order to make sand available in small quantities to individual buyers, we have also introduced retail outlet for sand from Ramtokto located by the side of our timber depot. Customers now have the choice to go for any of the above options that we provide with an objective to make sand available, accessible and affordable to all segments of our customers.

Despite these measures, we have been seeing people rushing to stock up sand by anticipating likely shortage in the near future. We would therefore like to inform and urge our valued customers that NRDCL will ensure continuous supply of sand and customers should not panic. All our customers are requested to take note of the above options available and associated rates of sand from NRDCL.

The company is mindful of its huge responsibility to make this scarce resource available to all genuine users throughout the year and we are also forced to control unnecessary requisition that leads to hoarding by few buyers with vested interest. We solicit the cooperation of all customers to render quality service and ensure total satisfaction of all.

For any inquiry, suggestion, information and complaint, please call our toll free number 1091 or PABX number 323288 (extension – 139/137/123).