News from Rinpung Region

The Indian Forestry Services (IFS) delegates consisting of 78 young probationers from Dehradun, India visited Forest Management Units (FMUs) in Paro on 2nd February and 24th February in two batches.

They were here to study the forest management system. They were taken to Chelela and Raoged Forest Management areas to see mechanized logging systems, plantation and nursery creations. Field level practical demonstrations were made on timber transportation by skyline cable crane, timber sorting and grading, mechanized timber loading on trucks, management of timber depots and survey methods for cable line setting plantation and regeneration survey of the plantations.

The Region also saw the visit of the Commandant of DANTAK and his delegates on 7th March, 2014. This visit gave an opportunity to closely interact on the demand and supply of firewood and stone chips to project DANTAK by NRDCL.

The construction of 3 Km forest road at Longchu FMU started on 17th March 2014. Similarly, NRDCL constructed 4 Km and 2 Km of forest roads in 2012 and 2013 respectively and carried out major repair and maintenance of 4.14 Km of existing farm road in 2012 in the same locality. Rinpung Region has 13.14 Km forests and farm road combined which will not only help extraction of timber from the FMU site but will also help the local community for other rural developmental activities to a great extent.


Rinpung Staff with DANTAK HQ offcials                                                                          2nd Batch of IFS Probationers visits Rinpung Region