Meeting with DoFPS

The management of NRDCL and senior officials of DoFPS had a meeting on 23rd July 2013 regarding the fixing of price for logs.

One important point that was discussed amongst many others was the difficulty faced by NRDCL to dispose timber in the country. The meeting agreed to adopt a comprehensive system for disposing logs based on the following modalities as below;

1)     The NRDCL should first try to dispose the logs based on “lucky dip” system. ‘Lucky dip’ allocation system to be continued with eligible Wood Based Industries and saw millers.

2)     If buyers do not turn up and still huge volume of timber remains unsold, then the logs should be sold in internal auction for two times. (Section 45.9 of Forests and Nature Conservation Rule – 2006).

3)     Any unsold logs in the internal auction should be compiled to process for open export auction.


This is an important step to ease the timber disposal crisis owing to several macroeconomic conditions like halt in construction for want of loan facilities from the financial institutions, the crisis in Indian Rupees circulation etc.