Handing-Taking of Stone Crushing Plant at Ngangshing

The 30 TPH Stone Crushing Plant at Ngangshing (Tshelingkhor) under Zobel Gewog in Pemagatshel Dzongkhag was formally handed over on 30th November 2013 by the supplier,

M/s Bhutan Mount Craft, Thimphu to the Regional Manager of NRDCL, Samdrupjongkhar in the presence of witnesses from the head office as well as the Regional office. The plant with a capital cost of Nu.6, 012,700.00 and weighing 26.5 MT has started its commercial production after a trial run for 56 hours.

The rates for various sizes of aggregates from the site are as follows.

Sl. No.

40 MM

(Rate in Nu)

20 MM (Rate in Nu)

10 MM (Rate in Nu) 

< 5 MM (Rate in Nu)

Average SP (Rate in Nu)








The quality tested raw materials for this SCP will be supplied from the stone quarry located right behind the plant. The plant is expected to fulfill the demand of stone chips for some important national projects like Yongla Goenpa Construction Project, Pemagatshel Dzong Construction Project, Denchi Town Development Project, Samdrupjongkhar to Trashigang National Highway widening project by Project DANTAK besides fulfilling other local requirements for developmental activities.




Handing – Taking of the SCP