SAARC Forestry Delegates visits FMU in Paro

The forestry officials consisting of sixteen delegates from eight SAARC Countries led by Director, SAARC Forestry Center, Bhutan, visited Forest Management Units (FMUs) in Paro on 27th November,

2013 on the sideline field program of “Expert group Meeting on Sharing of the Best Practices of Sustainable Forest Management in South Asia” being held in Thimphu. The Chief Forest Officer briefed the delegates with the background information on forest management plans, administrative arrangement and sustainable utilization of forest resources in the division.

The Regional Manager, NRDCL, Rinpung briefed the delegates on the objectives and mandates of NRDCL.  He also shared field experiences on scientific timber harvesting operations carried out in the FMUs by NRDCL under stringent compliance and monitoring system. Logging operations on steep terrains require appropriate technology and techniques with the use of skyline cable cranes and mechanized timber loader to avoid impacts on surrounding forest environment and sustainable management.

Bringing back the operated forest along the cable crane corridors and other forest areas to its original form is a huge task for NRDCL, said the RM. Every year all such areas are replanted with local and commercial tree seedlings. A separate tree nurseries are raised and maintained in the region for reforestation work.

 On field practical demonstration were made on timber transportation by skyline cable crane, timber sorting and grading, mechanized timber loading on trucks, management of timber depots and survey methods for cable line setting plantation and regeneration survey of the plantations.

The delegates expressed their satisfaction and appreciation on the overall systems of efficient    forest management and scientific operational development taking place Bhutan.

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