A promising collaboration ahead

The officials and staff of the DoFPS, NRDCL and relevant representatives of Haa Dzongkhag and Gewog Administrations assembled in Forest Range Office, Haa on 25th November, 2013 for Forest Management Unit (FMU) Co-ordination meeting.  The meeting was convened to discuss about the ongoing and future activities of the FMUs under Haa Dzongkhag. There are three FMUs in Haa, viz, Selela FMU, Longchu FMU, Haa East FMU.

The Chief Forestry Officer, Paro welcomed the participants and reminded them of the importance of such meetings whereby the participants can discuss the achievements and also find solutions to difficulties, if any.

While recognizing the challenges faced in the fields, the meeting also appreciated the many good works carried out by the FMU staff both DoFPS and NRDCL. Appreciating the cooperation and coordination of the Officials and staff of NRDCL and DoFPS, the CFO urged the meeting to foster such exemplary conduct in future.

The Regional Manager, NRDCL, Paro informed the meeting of the various plans and activities of NRDCL in the coming year while it continues to supply resources like timber, sand, stones, etc. at an affordable price to the general public.  In response, the representatives of the Dzongkhag and Gewog Administrations, Haa acknowledged the many benefits of the FMUs to the general community and assured for continued support in future.

The meeting concluded with the CFO thanking the participants and wishing all for successful implementation of the FMU plans and activities as planned.

paticipant of the FMU

Participants of the FMU Co-ordination meeting at Haa