Budget Meeting – 2013

The NRDCL management team along with the Regional Managers and other relevant senior officials of the company assembled in the head office on 14th and 15th of November 2013 for Budget Meeting 2013. This meeting was convened to discuss on the activities targeted for 2014 and subsequent budget allocation.

The Chief Executive Officer welcomed the participants and reminded about the important mandate of the company in terms of meeting the demand for natural resources like timber, sand, stones, aggregates etc. The dwindling demand for some of these resources resulting is cash flow problem for the company was highlighted with a particular focus on the problems faced by our stone crushing plants over the past year. He cautioned everybody that productions and disposal should be taken separately and lack of market now, should not be seen as a deterrent for halting of production.

The CEO also spoke of the management’s plan to come up with diversifications and value addition to the existing products. The need to change the mindset of the staff from a bureaucratic approach to more service oriented approach was stressed upon.

The CEO also reminded that it is in the interest of the management and all staff to make NRDCL an exemplary company through the cooperation of all employees and urged everyone to refrain from unnecessary indulgence in unproductive activities. The focus now would be to build the image of the company through proper customer service delivery and meaningful engagement of all to strive for maximum revenue generation.

It was also informed that the management is ever ready to come up with appropriate reward schemes and acknowledgements for those deserving staff and at the same time non performers would be dealt accordingly including exit options.

As against the long wish list submitted from each Region with the hope of carrying out the maximum number of activities in their respective regions, the CEO reminded that everyone should be mindful of the business case from any activity that they intend to carry out.

The meeting concluded on a successful note with the CEO thanking the participants for their valuable inputs in arriving at a highly realistic and implementable plan of activities and budget for the year 2014.

Participants for Budget Meeting - 2013

Participants for Budget Meeting - 2013