Sand Supply Resumes

Starting 6th of November 2013, the NRDCL resumed its sand extraction and supply from the river bed of Punatshangchu in Wangduephodrang. The first site at Rinchengang is estimated to produce about 2000 truckloads or 16,000 m3 of sand. The first day of operation saw some 124 truckloads (992 m3) which were transported mainly to Thimphu.

With a view to mitigate the shortage of sand especially in the western part of the country, the NRDCL management had initiated several measures. Unlike in the past, our staffs at site have committed to start the work of loading the first truck by 8.30 AM and extend beyond 5.00 PM depending upon the requirement. The management of the fleet of trucks for loading from the site has improved drastically and on an average it takes about 5 minutes to load one truckload. The flow of traffic is controlled with an issuance of General Forest Produce Movement Order (GFPMO) from Tshokona sand depot office thereby avoiding long line of trucks waiting on the road side near the quarry site.

The site has three excavators, one pay loader and four trucks for operation and is managed by seven staff. As on 14th November 2013, a total of 1312 truckloads (10,496 m3) of sand have been supplied from the site with an average of 146 truckloads per day.

On inquiry to few truckers ferrying sand, they reported of the positive changes they have seen this year especially in terms of the reduced waiting time and other associated hassles. To make this scarce resource available to all users at all times, we have also introduced some measures in terms of quantity per requisition, validity to pick up etc.

In order to simultaneously carry out the operation from various sites within the limited working season, work has also been awarded to the contractor to extract and transport sand from Tshokona and Golaykha areas. The work outsourced to the lowest evaluated bidder for excavation and transportation of sand to Tshokona depot is in full operation with the deployment of two JCB’s and four trucks.

In order to make sand available especially to individual buyers with small requirements, the NRDCL is also working hard to establish a depot in Thimphu. We hope to proactively address any lapses that might come up and render quality service for the benefit of all our valued customers with improved operational efficiency brought in due to change in working modalities and system.

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