New Road at Lhonchu in Haa

The company has been carrying out environment friendly forest road constructions to facilitate timber extraction. The company has always given more emphasis in connecting remote villages that are located within the Forest Management Unit (FMU) while constructing forest roads.

The Rinpung Region took over 2.00 Kms of forest road at Lhonchu FMU under Haa dzongkhag on 8th October 2013 from its contractor which was constructed at Nu.4, 123,457.00.

new road handing - takinf

Handing – Taking of Longchu Road at Haa

Similarly, NRDCL constructed 4.00 Kms of forests road and carried out major repair and maintenance of 4.14 Kms of existing farm road in 2012 in the same locality. With this, the total forest road comes to 6 Kms at Lhonchu FMU. This 10.14 Kms forests and farm road combined will not only help extraction of timber from the FMU but also will help the local community for other rural developmental activities to a great extent.  It will also shorten the distance by half a day to the sacred site Akheygaymo nye which otherwise would take two days walk.