Introduction of Xcentric ripper at Tsangkhar Quarry in Monggar

The restriction on using explosive and blasting in NRDCL’s Tsangkhar Stone quarry in Monggar by the Department of Geology and Mines (DGM),

the National Environment Commission (NEC) and Druk Green Power Corporation Limited (DGPCL) has come as a blessing in disguise to the quarrying activity for NRDCL. Owing to the restriction, the need to deploy an appropriate alternate technology to excavate rocks from the quarry has been necessarily felt. Therefore, for the first time in Bhutan, the Raising Contractor M/s Chandra Bahadur Subba Construction has purchased, installed and commissioned Xcentric ripper (XR20) as attachment to the CAT320D Excavator on 19th October 2013. The equipment is found to be working fine in the quarry approach road construction and is further expected to give better efficiency in actual quarrying activity.

The Xcentric ripper is designed and manufactured in Spain since 2009 with highly innovative and environment friendly technology to replace drilling and blasting in soft, medium, hard and fractured rock formations. The use of this equipment may have the ability to prevail in mining and quarrying activities in the country where the blasting is not permitted. It has also been found to be free from dust, noise and vibration and can carry out selective mining