NRDCL deploys additional sand dredging machines

In an effort to make sand available, accessible and affordable throughout the year in the western and central Region, two more sand dredging machines have been added at Punatshangchu River basin through a simple inaugural ceremony on 10.04.2018. One machine is placed at Rinchengang in addition to the existing four machines and the other one is placed at Havelum near Tshokona, Wangduephodrang.


Each machine is equipped with one operator and three crew members. The frequently replaceable parts are stocked at the work site with a repair workshop managed by a trained mechanic to reduce the downtime through breakdown due to heavy wear and tear of the critical parts.

The dredging machine consists of diesel engine that generates power to suck sand from the riverbed through the dredged head by means of a pump. The machine does not produce any waste and is environment friendly. The sand is totally washed and free from any other debris and pebbles with 100% recovery. It is much superior than sand collected through other means as it does not contain any mud, silt and mica in it. Dredging helps prevent sedimentation and rise in water levels, through proper diversion of river course and there is no adverse impact on the aquatic life. Such dredging provided in the upstream will help reduce sedimentation in hydro power projects downstream which ultimately has larger socio economic impact for the country.


In order to provide proper hands on training to the crew members and also to enhance the production during the lean season, the company has brought in four member crew from the supplier of dredging machine in India. In addition to their commitment to produce certain volume per day, they also will be in a position to assist the Bhutanese crew members to enhance their skills in day to day maintenance and operational skills.

NRDCL Management