Training on Marketing and Sales Management

As part of the capacity building effort to the front end employees of NRDCL, a total of twelve participants comprising of officials from the Head office and six regional offices have attended the five days training on ‘Marketing and Sales Management’ from November 14 – 18, 2016.

The training organized by NRDCL was conducted by Institute for Management Studies Limited (IMSL) based in Olakha, Thimphu. The training focused on the following broad topics with an insight into specific areas as follows:

1.Understanding of the importance of sales and marketing with focus given on the followings;

2. Developing effective communication skills which covered on;

3. The art of selling and management of sales force touched upon;

4. Negotiation skills saw discussions on;

5. Customer Relationship Management(CRM) discussed on the following areas;

6. Distribution & Channel Environment covered these areas;

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     Participants with NRDCL & IMS management team                               An interactive session in progress

7.Handling customers effectively discussed on areas like;

8. Retail Environment

9. Supply chain management discussed on;

10. Decision making for effective sales and marketing management saw the end of the five day long training programme.

The concluding ceremony was graced by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NRDCL in the presence of the CEO of IMSL. The resource person and the training coordinator provided a glimpse of the training highlights to the management team and relevant senior officials from NRDCL who attended the closing ceremony. The participants had a positive feedback on the overall outcome of the training and thanked the organizers for the excellent training and NRDCL management for the opportunity given to attend the training. The CEO of NRDCL awarded the certificates and reminded the participants of the important responsibility of NRDCL including the role that each staff must shoulder for accomplishing the sacred mandate of NRDCL.